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Accomodation and Activities in South Africa

Holiday or business. rent your private Holiday home, book an Hotel, Bed and Breakfast; B&B or self catering accommodation.  Browse our many accommodation options or contact us directly, StaySA is your one stop accommodation solution. Call  (0861staysa) during office hours. Search using the map alongside by first selecting the region of choice you will be guided you through the easy process.  South Africa has an array of lovely vacation destinations, The coastal areas such as the Western Cape; the Eastern Cape and KZN. We offer clients private holiday home or villa rentals and many other accommodation or lodging options. Accommodation selection throughout South Africa, Namibia and now Mozambique. Swaziland and Botswana currently under development. Rent a private holiday home or villa and enjoy lodging with home comforts or for the shorter holiday accommodation requirement, overnight or a few days, we feature self catering and full service accommodation in B&B, self catering and Guest House lodging for every holiday or business need throughout Southern Africa. Our selection of holiday homes are graded and our site clearly lists features for each holiday house or other accommodation type. View photographs of holiday homes to rent at Knysna , Port Alfred, Cape Town, Umhlanga Rocks, Margate and Southbroom in KZN and along the Garden Route. Coming soon – Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. South Africas’ accommodation solution, offering guests a selection of accommodation, from privately owned, self catering holiday homes to Bed and Breakfasts (B&B), BnB, Guest Lodges, Game Reserves and other accommodation options throughout Southern Africa. You might want to visit the coastal areas such as the Eastern Cape, Western Cape or KwaZulu-Natal or the inland areas such as Limpopo, Gauteng, the Drakensberg or the Cape winelands. Our Bed and Breakfast and self catering accommodation has expanded nationally and will soon be expanding into the surrounding countries.

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Looking for Safe, Sober Accommodation in SA ?

Finding accommodation in South Africa where no alcohol is served is almost impossible. For most hotels and guesthouses, the income received from the sale of alcohol makes up a large part of their revenues. Believe it or not though, there are people out there looking for accommodation, be it for a holiday in South Africa or just a few days accommodation for a business trip where they would prefer to stay in an alcohol free zone. We forget how many people’s lives have been affected by problems with addiction, be it drinking too much alcohol, addiction to prescription drugs or street drugs, gambling, sex, and a variety of other process addictions.  For these people, finding somewhere safe to stay when on holiday or traveling on business can be quite a challenge, particularly early on in their recovery process. At StaySA we like to give our readers and subscribers all the options available to them in South Africa, so this week we have decided to cover this largely overlooked accommodation sector.

Addiction has been the downfall of your life and you finally decide to take the step of going to a rehabilitation center to get help. There, you are taught how to get back your life on track and start afresh. Pretty easy right? Not exactly, being clean is a daily fight and you have to be willing to contest so that you don’t go back to your old ways again. When traveling on holiday or for whatever reason, finding a safe place to stay in South Africa, be it in Johannesburg or a sober house in Cape Town, you may find it quite a challenge.

In early recovery this is how you go about taking control of your life:
•    Applaud yourself: The first thing you need to do is give yourself a pat on the back. You are not an alcoholic anymore and that is something to be proud of. Too many people blame themselves for the pain that they have put their families through. However, as hurtful as it may be, it only delays your progress. It does not move your growth in any way.
•    Forgive yourself: Above everything else, you need to forgive yourself. You need to accept what once was, is not you anymore. You need to be able to accept that you are a new person and not the same person who was once subjected to drugs. If you can’t forgive yourself, you won’t be able to love your children, go back to your job or just be a mere normal person again. You need to get over it first before you can completely put it aside.
•    Stable support structure: A recovery addict needs constant and non-judgmental support. They need people who will be able to hold their hands in their trying and yet changing times. There are trained professionals and psychologists who are always willing to help you in your journey. These are qualified individuals who know how to deal with recovering addicts and listen to their burning issues. This is where you accommodation arrangement can get tricky. It makes no sense putting all the effort into cleaning up your life only to go back into the same environment you were before, surrounded by temptation and bad influences. This is where Scotswood sober living Cape Town is an exceptional choice for your accommodation needs.
•    Find inner peace: Peace comes when you know that you have overcome the life of being an addict. When you are at peace with your past and know that you are no longer that individual, you will never fall victim to addiction again. Although you were once a woman who was an alcoholic doesn’t mean you have to be frightened at the thought of seeing a bottle or wine again. It is when you are faced with challenges that you must be strengthened to face even greater trails.
•    Let your life take center stage: It is no longer about the old you anymore. It is time to start preparing for a new life now that you are a new and most importantly, a clean man. You need to start picking up the pieces and making great moves with your life. If it was a family you have left behind, they need to feel your presence when you come back. If it was work that you had left in order to recover, you need to go back with fresh new ideas that will elevate your organization to even greater heights.
•    Believe in yourself: Some people go back to addiction because they do not believe in their capabilities. They don’t trust that they can beat this dreadful desire. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t believe in yourself. Recovering addiction needs you to have the firm belief that there is no mountain that will be too high for you to jump, no road for you too long to cross and no demon you can’t face.
•    Defeat is not an option: Think back to the person you were before your addiction. Were you a failure? Were you someone who was scared to take risks? Did you lack self-esteem? Probably not. Defeat should not start now and if you know that you have always approached tests head on, fighting addiction shouldn’t be any different.

Granted, finding safe accommodation to stay is not easy if you are looking for an alcohol free zone in South Africa, however they do exist and Scotswood Retreat is a real gem if this what you are looking for.

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Adventure holiday destinations in South Africa

Cape Town an Adventure Holiday destination :
Table Mountain, beaches and a beautiful sunset, Cape Town has it all and is deservedly called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town is definitely a holiday destination for anybody seeking relaxation or adventure.
There are plenty of resorts, hotels and self-catering accommodation available that anybody can find their perfect match. As for activities available, I will need pages and pages to write them all down. Cape Town has beach and water activities like kite surfing, sailing, diving and kayaking. You can go on beach horse rides, helicopter rides, tours and loads more.
Soar above the beautiful Cape Town coastline with the most experienced paragliding pilots from Skywings,  Cape Town Tandem Paragliding. They fly mainly from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill, with the beautiful Table Mountain in the background. This is an experience of a life time.
South Africa is one of the top adventure destinations in the world due to our great weather and the variety in geographical features from the oceans, rivers and deserts to the mountains and forests. South Africa offers a variety of activities from marine adventures to adventures in the sky. If it is a holiday adventure destination you seek then South Africa is the place to visit.
I found the website dirtyboots.co.za to be a very interesting and informative site for searching adventures in South Africa. It is definitive guide to adventure holidays in South Africa, especially if you are looking for the best tips on choosing a reliable company for paragliding Cape Town.


The Drakensberg:
The Drakensberg is a beautiful, scenic series of mountain peaks and forms the border of Kwazulu-Natal and Lesotho. The Drakensberg is a favourite holiday destination for both locals and International guests and offers many adventure holiday experiences. A few ideas to consider are a 4×4 adventure, offering natural obstacles, steep slopes and various other obstacles that will challenge the 4×4 enthusiast.
The fantastic unobstructed views of the Drakensberg should be enjoyed at its best by experiencing a paragliding adventure. Tandem paragliding can be done by all ages and abilities and you can relax with the experienced instructors who will take you through the whole process. Wildsky paragliding located in Bulwer, Natal offers safe and enjoyable tandem flights from their location where they also have a backpacker’s lodge set at the foot of the Bulwer Mountain.
More adventure ideas, include quad biking, paint ball, mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing and much. Plenty of accommodation choices are available to suite your budget, so planning your next adventure holiday to the Drakensberg should be easy.
The Garden Route :
The Garden Route has no shortage in various activities and accommodation; because of the milder climate it makes the garden route a year round destination. Some of the various activities available include abseiling, beach horse rides, bike tours, boat trips, bungee jumping canoeing and loads more.
One of the activities that caught my attention was Blokart sailing, something new to me. The ‘cart’ consists of a light and compact three wheel buggy that has a sail; anybody can fit into the sling like seat. Your legs are stretched out in front of you, grabbing onto the steering bar and sheet rope you can set off along the beach. An inexperienced person only needs about 5 minute’s instruction on the controls and safety and you can then be on your way.
The Garden Route and Wilderness offers sweeping and beautiful beaches and mountain settings all best viewed on a paragliding adventure. This is a fun and simple way to enjoy flying and flying tandem anybody can experience this unique sport. Here are some companies that offer paragliding tours in the Garden route; Dolphin paragliding, Cloudbase paragliding and Flytime paragliding to name a few.

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StaySA Grading System

Holiday homes (privately owned)

Designed to make it easier for you, we grade all our holiday homes, from 6 stars down to three stars, (and our new “ungraded” category – please see below) all our homes are specifically selected to cater for your every need. Homes however are exactly that, they are by their nature all different with their own character and beauty.

We will only list homes with the minimum standards required for a wonderful family holiday. All our homes fit into our minimum requirements and are personally visited and inspected regularly by our professional staff.

What about grading of commercial establishents/ B n’ B s etc.?

We do not grade these ourselves and encourage the advertisers to use the Tourism Grading Association system (TGA) where this does apply. We do however encourage these establishments to grade themselves voluntarily and also encourage tourists to have a good look at the photo’s provided and to ask any questions they might have…this is the wonder of the internet…you can see what you get!

A New Change

When a home has been recently listed, it can happen that the grading is not yet complete. Also, if a “lower grade” home is listed but we believe this to still offer fair value and fully equipped but perhaps not quite up to standard, we will list this as “ungraded”

We suggest you look at each home and its specific character, our rating system is merely a guideline to assist you. Grading is unfortunately subjective and we ask you to visit the photo galleries of each home for more accurate information.

Caution: Individual tastes vary considerably; grading will always (in any accommodation business) remain subjective – we try our best at all times but suggest to tenants that they carefully study photographs and ask as many questions about the property as they wish.

Note: As in any business, prices generally determine quality. Don’t expect “gold taps” and luxury at R200 per day, you won’t get it! Please tell us what you want, we know our houses and can guide you through the process.

Our 6 star homes

These are as “good as they get” at a top Eastern Cape destination. In general, they will be luxuriously appointed, be as near as possible to the main area attraction (for example beach; river; marina; mountain etc.) and be able to accommodate 8 persons/two families or more and be of exceptional quality, homes of distinction.

Rental of these homes will generally include all possible facilities from automatic dishwashers through to recreational equipment. A main bedroom/s en suite, modern fully fitted kitchens with everything a family could wish for on a dream holiday. A view or location at the nearby attraction is a general pre-requisite of homes in this category.

Our 5 star homes

These will be in a similar good position at a popular Eastern Cape destination. They will either closely located to the main attraction, perhaps a short walk, or as near as possible.

Quality and finish will be extremely high with full facilities and additional recreational facilities wherever possible. The main bedrooms en- suite and a modern kitchen as minimum standards.

For a holiday in a home with a little luxury, this one’s for you.

Our 4 star homes

Good, solid, comfortable and well-appointed homes. They will be fully fitted with all your basic needs and perhaps a little more. Located in convenient areas within a short distance of the beach or other local attraction, these homes will offer a family a wonderful holiday.

In general, sleeping six persons and located in or near a prime location you are assured of good value and a warm reception.

Our 3 star homes

Don’t be misled, all our homes are ready for a great holiday. Warm and comfortable family homes. Perhaps missing some of the modern luxuries but nevertheless fitted with all the basics required. These homes will be a short drive to the local attraction, will probably not have a view but you will be assured of a wonderful family holiday. Offering exceptional value for money, if you want a place to kick your shoes off and relax this is for you. Some of our three star homes are typical Eastern Cape holiday homes and are very basic, if you don’t get all your questions answered whilst searching the site, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail (via contact us) for any information you might need.


This means either that the home is not yet graded by us OR that is is “acceptable” but very basic accommodation. It will however still be fully equipped, comfortable and enable you to enjoy the destination.

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