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StaySA Grading System

Holiday homes (privately owned)

Designed to make it easier for you, we grade all our holiday homes, from 6 stars down to three stars, (and our new “ungraded” category – please see below) all our homes are specifically selected to cater for your every need. Homes however are exactly that, they are by their nature all different with their own character and beauty.

We will only list homes with the minimum standards required for a wonderful family holiday. All our homes fit into our minimum requirements and are personally visited and inspected regularly by our professional staff.

What about grading of commercial establishents/ B n’ B s etc.?

We do not grade these ourselves and encourage the advertisers to use the Tourism Grading Association system (TGA) where this does apply. We do however encourage these establishments to grade themselves voluntarily and also encourage tourists to have a good look at the photo’s provided and to ask any questions they might have…this is the wonder of the internet…you can see what you get!

A New Change

When a home has been recently listed, it can happen that the grading is not yet complete. Also, if a “lower grade” home is listed but we believe this to still offer fair value and fully equipped but perhaps not quite up to standard, we will list this as “ungraded”

We suggest you look at each home and its specific character, our rating system is merely a guideline to assist you. Grading is unfortunately subjective and we ask you to visit the photo galleries of each home for more accurate information.

Caution: Individual tastes vary considerably; grading will always (in any accommodation business) remain subjective – we try our best at all times but suggest to tenants that they carefully study photographs and ask as many questions about the property as they wish.

Note: As in any business, prices generally determine quality. Don’t expect “gold taps” and luxury at R200 per day, you won’t get it! Please tell us what you want, we know our houses and can guide you through the process.

Our 6 star homes

These are as “good as they get” at a top Eastern Cape destination. In general, they will be luxuriously appointed, be as near as possible to the main area attraction (for example beach; river; marina; mountain etc.) and be able to accommodate 8 persons/two families or more and be of exceptional quality, homes of distinction.

Rental of these homes will generally include all possible facilities from automatic dishwashers through to recreational equipment. A main bedroom/s en suite, modern fully fitted kitchens with everything a family could wish for on a dream holiday. A view or location at the nearby attraction is a general pre-requisite of homes in this category.

Our 5 star homes

These will be in a similar good position at a popular Eastern Cape destination. They will either closely located to the main attraction, perhaps a short walk, or as near as possible.

Quality and finish will be extremely high with full facilities and additional recreational facilities wherever possible. The main bedrooms en- suite and a modern kitchen as minimum standards.

For a holiday in a home with a little luxury, this one’s for you.

Our 4 star homes

Good, solid, comfortable and well-appointed homes. They will be fully fitted with all your basic needs and perhaps a little more. Located in convenient areas within a short distance of the beach or other local attraction, these homes will offer a family a wonderful holiday.

In general, sleeping six persons and located in or near a prime location you are assured of good value and a warm reception.

Our 3 star homes

Don’t be misled, all our homes are ready for a great holiday. Warm and comfortable family homes. Perhaps missing some of the modern luxuries but nevertheless fitted with all the basics required. These homes will be a short drive to the local attraction, will probably not have a view but you will be assured of a wonderful family holiday. Offering exceptional value for money, if you want a place to kick your shoes off and relax this is for you. Some of our three star homes are typical Eastern Cape holiday homes and are very basic, if you don’t get all your questions answered whilst searching the site, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail (via contact us) for any information you might need.


This means either that the home is not yet graded by us OR that is is “acceptable” but very basic accommodation. It will however still be fully equipped, comfortable and enable you to enjoy the destination.

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