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Looking for Safe, Sober Accommodation in SA ?

Finding accommodation in South Africa where no alcohol is served is almost impossible. For most hotels and guesthouses, the income received from the sale of alcohol makes up a large part of their revenues. Believe it or not though, there are people out there looking for accommodation, be it for a holiday in South Africa or just a few days accommodation for a business trip where they would prefer to stay in an alcohol free zone. We forget how many people’s lives have been affected by problems with addiction, be it drinking too much alcohol, addiction to prescription drugs or street drugs, gambling, sex, and a variety of other process addictions.  For these people, finding somewhere safe to stay when on holiday or traveling on business can be quite a challenge, particularly early on in their recovery process. At StaySA we like to give our readers and subscribers all the options available to them in South Africa, so this week we have decided to cover this largely overlooked accommodation sector.

Addiction has been the downfall of your life and you finally decide to take the step of going to a rehabilitation center to get help. There, you are taught how to get back your life on track and start afresh. Pretty easy right? Not exactly, being clean is a daily fight and you have to be willing to contest so that you don’t go back to your old ways again. When traveling on holiday or for whatever reason, finding a safe place to stay in South Africa, be it in Johannesburg or a sober house in Cape Town, you may find it quite a challenge.

In early recovery this is how you go about taking control of your life:
•    Applaud yourself: The first thing you need to do is give yourself a pat on the back. You are not an alcoholic anymore and that is something to be proud of. Too many people blame themselves for the pain that they have put their families through. However, as hurtful as it may be, it only delays your progress. It does not move your growth in any way.
•    Forgive yourself: Above everything else, you need to forgive yourself. You need to accept what once was, is not you anymore. You need to be able to accept that you are a new person and not the same person who was once subjected to drugs. If you can’t forgive yourself, you won’t be able to love your children, go back to your job or just be a mere normal person again. You need to get over it first before you can completely put it aside.
•    Stable support structure: A recovery addict needs constant and non-judgmental support. They need people who will be able to hold their hands in their trying and yet changing times. There are trained professionals and psychologists who are always willing to help you in your journey. These are qualified individuals who know how to deal with recovering addicts and listen to their burning issues. This is where you accommodation arrangement can get tricky. It makes no sense putting all the effort into cleaning up your life only to go back into the same environment you were before, surrounded by temptation and bad influences. This is where Scotswood sober living Cape Town is an exceptional choice for your accommodation needs.
•    Find inner peace: Peace comes when you know that you have overcome the life of being an addict. When you are at peace with your past and know that you are no longer that individual, you will never fall victim to addiction again. Although you were once a woman who was an alcoholic doesn’t mean you have to be frightened at the thought of seeing a bottle or wine again. It is when you are faced with challenges that you must be strengthened to face even greater trails.
•    Let your life take center stage: It is no longer about the old you anymore. It is time to start preparing for a new life now that you are a new and most importantly, a clean man. You need to start picking up the pieces and making great moves with your life. If it was a family you have left behind, they need to feel your presence when you come back. If it was work that you had left in order to recover, you need to go back with fresh new ideas that will elevate your organization to even greater heights.
•    Believe in yourself: Some people go back to addiction because they do not believe in their capabilities. They don’t trust that they can beat this dreadful desire. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t believe in yourself. Recovering addiction needs you to have the firm belief that there is no mountain that will be too high for you to jump, no road for you too long to cross and no demon you can’t face.
•    Defeat is not an option: Think back to the person you were before your addiction. Were you a failure? Were you someone who was scared to take risks? Did you lack self-esteem? Probably not. Defeat should not start now and if you know that you have always approached tests head on, fighting addiction shouldn’t be any different.

Granted, finding safe accommodation to stay is not easy if you are looking for an alcohol free zone in South Africa, however they do exist and Scotswood Retreat is a real gem if this what you are looking for.

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